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Is Nutritional Ketosis Is Good For Your Health?

Ketosis is considered a natural metabolic state. In this state, your body will produce ketone bodies out of fat and use them for energy instead of carbohydrates. Your body can be placed in a ketosis state by consuming a high-fat and low-carb ketogenic diet.

The latest evidence shows that ketosis can have many other health benefits other than burning excess fat in your body. One major benefit is its involvement in reducing seizures in epileptic children. This article provides information on why being in nutritional ketosis is good for your health.
Ketosis occurs when there is limited access to the primary fuel source of the body which is glucose. In fact, all cells prefer to use glucose for energy under normal circumstances. The process is associated with a very low-carb diet, during fasting, infancy, pregnancy, and starvation. You need to eat fewer than 50g of carbohydrates a day to get into such a state.

You should be cutting down on many foods to reduce your carbohydrate intake. You will have to cut down on candy, grains, sugary drinks, legumes, potatoes, and even fruits at times. The insulin levels go down when you eat a very low-carb diet. Fatty acids are released from the fat deposits in the body instead. These fatty acids are transported to the liver where they are transformed into ketones by the process of oxidization. These ketones can produce energy to the body similar to glucose. Ketones are able to cross the blood-brain barrier in order to provide energy to the brain.
Ketosis and ketoacidosis are not the same. Although ketosis is a healthy metabolic state, Ketoacidosis is a dangerous metabolic condition which could become fatal if not treated early on. In ketoacidosis, the bloodstream gets flooded with high levels of glucose and ketones. The blood becomes too acidic when this happens. The condition is dangerous and can mostly happen with uncontrolled type 1 or 2 diabetes and alcohol abuse.
Ketosis has numerous health benefits. Its effects on child epilepsy are well-documented. Epilepsy is characterized by recurring seizures.

More than 70 million people suffer from this condition each year. Although anti-seizure medications help treat the condition, there are many patients who don’t respond to these treatments. The Ketogenic diet was first introduced in 1920 as a treatment for people with epilepsy. Children have shown a reduction in their seizure episodes as a result of the ketogenic diet.

The weight loss effects of the ketogenic diet are well-documented. Many studies have shown the effects of a ketogenic diet on losing weight fast compared to a low-fat diet. The studies revealed that more people were losing weight from a ketogenic diet compared to a low-fat diet plan. People feel less hungry and more full on a ketogenic diet which eliminates the necessity to count calories.
Reducing the amounts of carbs to achieve a state of ketosis have shown to improve the risk factors for heart disease such as total cholesterol, HDL, and blood triglycerides. It also improves insulin sensitivity by up to 75% in most people. Many of them have been able to reduce or stop diabetic medication within a short time frame. Patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease have shown a remarkable improvement with the ketogenic diet. It also aids in cancer therapy by starving cancer cells of glucose. The diet even improved symptoms of Parkinson’s disease after some time. This was revealed in a study conducted on the subject matter.
There are a few side effects reported by people who have been on a ketogenic diet for some time. These side effects include fatigue, headaches, bad breath, constipation, and high cholesterol levels. But most of these effects have been temporary and vanished in a few weeks. Diabetic patients who want to try out the ketogenic diet should consult their healthcare provider before doing so since the diet can reduce the need for diabetic medications. These are some of the major health benefits of being in nutritional ketosis.
In conclusion, being in a state of nutritional ketosis is good for your health. Your body is placed in such a state by consuming a low-carb and high-fat diet. The above article provides information on why being in nutritional ketosis is good for your health.

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